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Triscuit shows us Shrinking Value for the same old over-price! (Triscuit: Same Cost, Reduced Value Report)

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I only noticed it because my itemized grocery bill from my favorite grocery delivery service had a special pull-out for product substitutions.

It appeared to be a typo, as the products were identical. Maybe a product undergoing a refresh in the database? When I looked closer, I noticed it.

That’s right, the already tiny Triscuit cracker box is now half an ounce lighter. They’ve reduced their cost by 6%, but kept the same sales price. You can see here in this side-by-side lineup of the old packaging and the new.

Here’s a detailed closeup of the most important change on the box:

Maybe not so obvious, the new box is also slightly thinner, to take up less room on the supermarket shelves. The two boxes as seen from the top show the slight differences.

I’ve railed about this very subject before, and I publicly shame the manufacturer (Nabisco, unlinked for spite) now for this subtle but dirty trick on consumers.

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April 25, 2012 at 4:20pm

Posted in City Life, Commentary

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